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     Captain's Select

Gulf Shrimp & Seafood

          Bringing wild caught Gulf of Mexico

            shrimp & seafood to the Carolinas


Explore the taste of the Gulf Coast from the convenience of your home.

About Our Shrimp

Captain’s Select shrimp comes straight from fisheries along the Northern Florida and Alabama Gulf Coast that we have personally picked in order to deliver the best tasting seafood to our customers. They are flash frozen right on the shrimping boats before they even reach the docks to preserve their freshness, taste, and texture.

As a result of its natural habitat, Gulf shrimp obtain a unique flavor that not only makes them taste amazing, but also delivers an impressive nutrient profile. Packed with antioxidants Astaxanthin, which is responsible for shrimps’ color pigment, and the mineral Selenium, this amazing seafood also provides a healthy dose of Vitamin D, B12, B3, Iron, Zinc, and Omega-3 Fats (the heart healthy fats).

Try our shrimp and you’re sure to love them!


Support American Fisheries While Enjoying Sustainably Caught Seafood

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Support American fisheries

American fisheries are known world-wide for their prized seafood caught from the highest regulated fishing waters around the world. These local fisheries follow strict federal regulations that not only allow for responsible fishing, but also provide you with the most flavorful  shrimp around.

Sustainable Seafood

Here at Captain's Select Seafood, we believe sustainability and environmentally friendly fishing management is important to the longevity and health of our marine life and waters. Because of this, we choose to source our seafood from environmentally responsible American fisheries. As part of federal regulation, not only are all American shrimping boats required to use a TED (Turtle Excluder Device) to help avoid the entrapment of turtles in their nets, but they also use a BRD (Bycatch Reduction Device) to protect other marine life such as fish. You can learn more about these important environmental regulations at 

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Over 100 different fresh and frozen seafood options in store!


Gulf Shrimp, crab legs, oysters, live lobster, & grouper to name a few!


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Fresh fish and seafood arrangement on bl

Can't wait to get more!!! They were the best shrimp I've ever had!

Michelle M.

These Gulf shrimp can't be beat. The taste is amazing and so is the price. Captain's Select Gulf Shrimp is now our go-to every time we buy shrimp!

Erica C.

The best shrimp I've had a in long time!

Andrea W.

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